The Wolford case from a Tech Lead perspective

Behind every website there’s a strong team, and an equally strong Tech Lead. Gabriel Milan was our technical tower of strength for Wolford’s new B2B platform. Let’s get his perspective on the project.

The Wolford project was huge: it was a complete digital makeover. Everything from brand strategy, user research, graphics, interaction design and development was put into the mix. The project not only involved the B2B platform, but also a completely redeveloped B2C e-commerce site. Gabriel was the Tech Lead for the B2B part. With over 10 years of experience as a developer, architect and Tech Lead, he gave it his all.


What piqued your curiosity in this project?

“It was interesting to see how personalised the B2B process was – especially when you compare it to the more standardised B2C platforms. Just imagine all those clients, targeted in different ways with personalised price agreements and promotions, varying collections and customised delivery appointments.”

Gabriel Millan, Tech Lead at Emakina

“On top of that, they all had their own ways of placing orders. It was clear that the Wolford platform needed to be multi-channel, so we included all the traditional communication channels. Needless to say, the online order shop we were building is easier and more efficient than the other channels. Even the orders placed by phone – or whatever channel you choose to place your order – will always appear in the overview of your personal B2B platform. It’s a database as much as a communication tool.”

For those who are curious about the Wolford case, here you go!

What kind of project was it? Out-of-the-box solutions, or tailor made?

“From a technical perspective, tailoring the platform to Wolford’s range of B2B customers required a lot of tweaking. In a way, we were pioneering. Some functionalities were entirely custom built. Apart from customisations, the immense volume and quantities of orders have an impact on performance – so you have to manage these things. We did a lot of testing and worked closely with Demandware. In the end, when everything was in place, we launched at the new Wolford office in Antwerp. To get them off to a good start, we gave an extensive workshop and evaluated the first results together.”


Tell us about how you got the essence of Wolford’s challenge.

“Well, the project was off to a good start with our first meeting at Wolford HQ in Bregenz, Austria. Meeting the technical staff and employees at Wolford gave me a good idea of what the project was going to be like. It helped me understand, right from the start, where possible complexities could arise. Getting together with Wolford this early in the process gave me a rich context to work from.”

Gabriel working on Wolford at his desk.


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