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When a hackathon idea becomes reality: de Bijenkorf Apple Watch app

The difference between your ordinary hackathon and an awesome hackathon? It’s when a concept actually makes it into the real world. It happens!

The hackathon vibe

Of course we love our hackathons: they give us a chance to work on new ideas and work with new technologies. The atmosphere is so inspiring! And hackathons are fun: there’s lots of laughter and it’s a chance to get to know each other even better. So when The Bijenkorf wanted us to come up with a cool concept for the Apple Watch, our initial thought was: “It’s hackathon time!”

The challenge: make it sexy

De Bijenkorf was on board with the hackathon, without hesitation. So we set the date and our strategist Olly Wright introduced the entire Emakina family to ‘a day in life with an Apple Watch’. The challenge was to make de Bijenkorf Apple Watch app sexy. We started concepting immediately, and the same day we delivered a working and promising prototype.

What we came up with

Loyalty points, the existing app (which we happened to have developed too) and iBeacons: we had it all covered. With the Apple Watch app, de Bijenkorf can recognise and welcome its Privilege Members upon entry in each store. The app shows how many available loyalty points they have at a glance, and with a quick tap tells them how to spend those on the spot. Super handy!

Learn all about de Bijenkorf Apple Watch app here.

From hackathon idea to a real project

De Bijenkorf loved the idea. So after processing a few changes in requirements, we went straight into code development. As de Bijenkorf is an experienced partner when it comes to working Agile and Scrum, it makes it easy to collaborate with them and at the same time it provides a fun challenge.

Bijenkorf Apple Watch

“Working with a .NET developer and an app developer simultaneously makes for a different dynamic than in other projects” tells Annemieke, our Project Manager who was responsible for the Bijenkorf project. “The team was really small. In this particular project we didn’t have a Business Analyst; so I took on that role together with the Product Owner of de Bijenkorf. This means that I was not only planning, but was also heavily involved in discussing real subject-matter. As the team is small, lines are short and decisions are made quickly.”

Only one month after the hackathon a very classy de Bijenkorf Apple Watch app was live. That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Interested in joining Emakina, and joining our future hackathons? We just might have the right vacancy for you.

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