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HR and recruitment

Hi there!

March 16th is your first day at Emakina.
We’re so happy to have you and we want to make your first few days as smooth as possible.
On this page you can find the essential information you need to get you started.

See you soon!
HR & Recruitment team

Day 1

On your first day, we will get everything sorted for you. From getting a desk to meeting your colleagues.

  • Expect an early morning surprise on your doorstep!
  • We hope to see you at the office at 10 AM, you can ask for Esther when you arrive.
  • Esther will give you an office tour and will make sure you get a desk, a laptop or desktop and everything else you may need.
  • After this, your manager will help you get sorted.
  • The dress code is casual.
  • Lunch is served from 12 PM to 1:30 PM on the 4th floor.
  • Please bring your passport.

Your first week

Your managers and direct colleagues have prepared an onboarding program for you. Next to that, there are some general things we also set up for you.

  • Get your log in credentials, get settled with Sysadmin (pick up IT equipment ect.)
  • Meeting with Remco Doffer on our systems, security and more
  • HR Culture & Processes will be explained by Esther
  • Finance introduction by Alexander Ronner

And you’re lucky! There’s quite a few non-work related events happening in your first week. These are a great way to get to know your colleagues a bit better if you’d like.

  • Thursday at 17h: bootcamp
  • Friday at 17h: Friday drinks on the 4th floor

We invite you to grow!

Curious to see more of our culture? Check out this video:

There’s more videos like these on our YouTube channel.

Get connected

Can’t wait to come over and meet us? You can already connect with us via our social channels.

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