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Next level thrill seeking: skydiving with colleagues

At Emakina, we love to expand our horizons. We’re always curious about new things. Not only in our field of work, but also in our daily lives. Well, daily… Jumping out of airplanes isn’t exactly an ordinary activity for most of us. 

Passion for skydiving

Many of our colleagues have a passion for something outside of their jobs. One may be a guitar player, the other loves to paint. Developer Valentijn Geirnaert is an enthusiastic skydiver. His enthusiasm turns out to be contagious as he quickly convinced a group of ten dare-devil colleagues to jump out of a plane with him.

Skydiving was on Recruiter Lara Vreeke’s bucket list and by joining Sourcer Seyma Turan could tick one box from her to do before 30-list too. Both were in on the fun (or fear) immediately. Tech Lead Adrian Moreno was a bit unsure at first, but was eager to discover why skydiving is so thrilling to Valentijn. He wanted to experience the feeling firsthand. His reasoning: “I had a panic attack during my first attempt at triathlon and now it’s one of my main hobbies. Sometimes, exposing yourself to the fear of unknown reveals a bit about yourself that you didn’t know yet. And I love that feeling of self-discovery.”

Skydive Emakina

Introduction to skydiving

On a sunny day we headed out to Texel to take a jump into the unknown. Paracentrum Texel is the most beautiful dropzone in The Netherlands and their instructors are very experienced with doing tandem skydives safely. For a tandem jump, you need no experience at all, so it’s the perfect way for first-timers to get introduced to skydiving.

skydiving heroes

Ready to jump!

After an introductory talk and strapping on the tandem harnesses, we boarded the aircraft. Some of us with hesitance, but all with excitement. At 3 kilometers high, one by one we jumped out of the plane with our instructor. Lara: “The free fall feels like the best roller coaster you will ever be on (if you like roller coasters at least) and after that, it’s pretty much a tour of Texel from the sky. Very chilled and exciting at the same time”.

The free fall is as fast as 200 kilometers per hour! You can imagine the thrill with the ground approaching rapidly. “It all goes so fast you don’t even have time to rationalise it”, says Adrian. “Once we were falling neither my body nor my brain really knew what was going on. My legs started to swim in the air. I think I was unconsciously trying to stabilise the position in the air, but hey brain, the physics in the air are not the same as in the pool 😂.”

The free fall only lasts 30 seconds, but it’ll last forever in our memory. And in our skydiving movie. Check it out below to see how much we enjoyed our day of thrill seeking. Can we go again please?

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