The Company

We’re a lucky bunch.

The place we work at is the ultimate combination of two worlds. We’re a tech-friendly agency AND we work for big international brands like Wolford, Rituals, and HEMA. We earned their trust as a strategic partner in digital transformation. We solve their most complex digital problems. We’re talking major, long-term projects – developed in-house with mind blowing budgets to match – creating new customer journeys at the very core of our clients’ business.

About you

We’re taking a wild guess by saying that you are reading this page because you are considering applying to one of our jobs. Of course, we think that you should. If you’re looking for a next step in your career, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

You like working together to build something meaningful. And you are always looking for what’s new and using what’s best. When you join Emakina, you seize the opportunity to show off your strengths and magnify them. You take care of yourself, and you are in charge of your career. We are here to support you every step of your way; whether that’s a training here, or a motivational talk there. Within your line of work, you have the freedom to be resourceful, to solve problems and to make an impact. Take ownership.

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About us

We love differences
At Emakina, we’re all very different people who “simply” want to excel at what we do. The fact that we have so many different talented people from all over the world, is a result of our shared desire to want to work with and learn from the smartest and most driven colleagues.

No monoculture here… people come first, whoever you are and wherever you’re from…

We’re tech-friendly and pragmatic
One thing we all have in common is a love for technology and a healthy aversion of big ego’s. Coders, creatives and data geeks, we are people who want to take ownership and make a difference. Driven by a desire to be challenged every day and share what we’ve learned. Sure, we have the oh-so-comfy furniture, gaming machines, healthy snacks and chocolate muffins (yep, we order them every Friday). We prefer our smart, ego-free colleagues over a foamy latte any day of the week. Keeping it real..

We’re all leaders
We don’t believe in managers or leaders that aren’t subject matter experts. We’re all specialists at something. Whoever takes the lead solely depends on the specific skill that is needed at that time. Leadership at Emakina is not about the job title. It’s about making a difference, taking ownership and delivering. We believe that true passion, expertise and personal leadership drive real results.

But of course you can find our Executive Committee and Management Team on

We take care of each other
We enjoy a happy, healthy work-life balance. No pushing to production every Friday afternoon, but time for a beer and a laugh at our own bar. If we’re lucky, and the sun is out we take the boat out for a gin-tonic (or two) on the water. Every quarter we take celebration a step further and party in the snow or on the beach. There’s more to it though, we have weekly bootcamp classes, do yoga sessions and provide chair massages. All at our beautiful office in Amsterdam.

The way we work

We. Work. Agile.
This is embedded throughout the organisation – whether it be strategy, concept and design projects using Google design sprints, growth hacking for online marketing or Scrum for development projects. With solidly established processes that let you focus your full attention and expertise on what you do best. We run dedicated scrum teams for every project that share effort and ownership. So everyone has a chance to be heard, shape solutions and see their impact. You focus on one project within one team at a time, deciding how to approach it in close cooperation with developers, business analysts, project managers and clients. It’s a flat, non-hierarchical process that values everyone’s contribution and brings out the best in all of us.

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Where we work

Technologies we work with


We are coders and creatives – and project managers who speak their language.
We solve big problems in small teams, so you always make a difference.
We hire old pros and up-and-comers, so we learn from each other.
We manage it all with precision, because your time is yours.
And we refuse to take ourselves too seriously.

Technical Lead
Amsterdam, Den Bosch | full time

Technical Lead

Amsterdam, Den Bosch | 32 - 40 hours

CRM Specialist

Amsterdam, Den Bosch | 32 - 40 hours

Experience Design Lead

Amsterdam, Den Bosch | 32 - 40 hours

Technical Web Analyst

Amsterdam, Den Bosch | 32 - 40 hours

Solution Architect

Amsterdam, Den Bosch | FULL TIME

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer

Amsterdam, Den Bosch | FULL TIME

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

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