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One of the perks of working at Emakina is the annual wintersport break. The trip came early this year, and it was soooooooo good! No broken bones, just broken nights.

Emakina Beach Party 2019 | Beach Cleanupåç

Every year Emakina hosts a beach party: an afternoon and evening full of fun at the beach with all our colleagues. In 2019 the weather gods were kind to us. So we were lucky to soak up the sun while cleaning up the beach, attempting to paddle board and challenging colleagues in dance-offs.

bootcamp at work

Fitness is no quick fix. Never believe anyone that promises you a ‘summer body in only 1 month’ with the ‘Ultimate Detox Tea’. With our Bootcamp at work we are serious about health: we work on our body all year long!

presentation masterclass at work

Clammy hands, pit stains and cold feet. Just a few side effects of having to speak in public. No need to call the doctor, at Emakina we help our colleagues up their game with a Presentation Masterclass.

learning Dutch at the office

Past tense, future tense, and of course the kofschip and the pronunciation of our famous g-sound. Learning Dutch is quite a challenge. One we take on as a team.

yoga at work

If you want to perform at work, you not only need heaps of knowledge and experience; you need to have a healthy body and mind. Our mission: become office warriors through yoga.

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It is my first official working day as a Copy & Content Intern at the golden Emakina office with an incredible view of the Houthavens. At 7.15 AM my doorbell rings: “Hi, this is a surprise from your employer,” says a friendly looking delivery man. He hands me a huge box filled with every breakfast option imaginable. A little note sticks out reading “Good morning, Maggie. Welcome to Emakina!”

Every week our lovely office managers send out the most wanted email message at our office: the it-is-time-to-book-your-massage-mail. The replies fly in faster than the speed of light. Pick me! Pick me!

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