Relocation Package

EmakinaNL @TheBeach

At Emakina, we want to work with the best in the digital field. This means that we also need to look further than our Dutch borders to find those movers and shakers.

Moving to another country is stressful. We totally get that. Here are some things that you can expect from us to help you relocate to Amsterdam and settle in. After you accept our job offer, of course:

  • Flights to Amsterdam for you, your spouse and critters (human or otherwise)
  • Temporary accommodation (hotel/airbnb) while you find your new home
  • Agency support to help you find that home
  • Visa applications support (costs are on us)
  • Help with all the red tape. Not that there is a lot, but there is some
  • And, if you want the learn the Dutch language, we’ll help you with that too.
  • Last but not least.

Skilled Knowledge workers 30% tax ruling!

We’ll apply for a 30% tax ruling. The Netherlands has a great tax exemption rule for “skilled knowledge” workers. If you receive this ruling, 30% of your income is tax exempt. No promises, but we’ll do our best to get this ruling for you. (We haven’t failed at it yet)