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Putting our 1% Pledge into action for MamaZoeloe

To put flesh on the bones of our 1% Pledge, Emakina is helping MamaZoeloe to improve their website. MamaZoeloe offers support to unprivileged people in Tanzania. An amazing initiative which we love to help with our expertise.

How it all began – about MamaZoeloe

When Willeke Mos, founder of MamaZoeloe, came to Emakina to talk about the work she does, we were quickly convinced that we wanted to help. Willeke’s ambition is such an inspiration to us. In 1998, she and her family lived in South Africa, Johannesburg, in a beautiful villa district next to a slum area with poor people trying to survive. It made her think: ‘’how can privileged people like me help while at the same time respecting the traditions and values of the poor?’’ After getting the necessary experience working for nonprofit organisations and obtaining adequate education, she went back to South Africa. Willeke became a mama of the Zulu’s (one of the largest ethnic groups in the country) by supporting HIV-patients through their last stages of their life in Kwazulu Natal. The name MamaZoeloe was born.

Working with local MamaZoeloe representatives in Tanzania

The main activities of MamaZoeloe

  • MamaZoeloe offers direct help. When someone needs treatment (medication or medical treatment), they provide this to people in immediate need.
  • They offer transportation to disabled people to go to school. Next to  a schoolbus who picks children up from their home to school and back, they also provide meals in the new fully equipped kitchen to make sure the children can stay at school all day.
  • Providing education to orphans. MamaZoeloe gives these vulnerable children access to learning and improves their standard of living.

MamaZoeloe works with the local government, local MamaZulu CBO (local partner) and other local partners to make sure that their work is embraced by the local community and is sustainable.

Supporting MamaZoeloe on the ground

Inspired by Willeke’s story and impressed by MamaZoeloe’s work, Emakina decided to commit to the foundation’s aspiration to grow and further improve the lives of the Tanzanian people. Some Emakina colleagues were even already personally involved in MamaZoeloe’s work, so this cooperation ticks all the boxes for a match made in heaven.

Peter Laurian, one of our IT Support Engineers, is from Tanzania and he’s been an active member of MamaZoeloe for years. Even before joining Emakina! You can imagine that his heart is still with the less fortunate people who live in his home country. He visits Tanzania a few times a year to help out the local MamaZoeloe team.

MamaZoeloe in Tanzania, helping unprivileged people

What we’ll be doing

We set up a team of colleagues from different disciplines to treat this as a special project. We’ll think of a plan to improve the website in a way that touches people, make it easy to read and convinces people to visit the social media channels. And of course we’ll add a donation option to the website. As improving websites is a natural exercise for us, we’re keen on making a big impact. Of course we’ll be approaching this in our very own, agile way. We’re super excited about this project, so stay tuned!

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