Take ownership of your career

How to truly own your career – 4 practical tips

Taking ownership of your career means that you are the one who’s in charge of your career plans, making them happen and adjusting them along the way. At Emakina we give you the opportunity to grow. We want you to learn and encourage you to own your career. So how do you do that? Get some practical tips from our HR and recruitment colleagues.

1: Figure out what you’re awesome at

Rarely we take the time to sit back and reflect on ourselves. And when we do, we often come up with things that we are not good at, that we need to improve. Let’s try to get to the positive side of that. What are your best skills? What have you achieved? Come up with things that show how valuable you are. Those are the things that you should magnify! Sit down, and create that list. Maybe even update your LinkedIn summary accordingly, as that makes you think about what it is you want to put out there. For example, you might be an excel wizard, but you don’t want everyone coming to your desk asking questions about it. So don’t only find the skills that you’re good at, find the ones you love too.

Taking ownership of your career

2: Show off your skills

Once you wrote down for yourself what your skills are, maybe you even made an elevator pitch, it’s time to show them off. Tell people about what you can do and how it helps them. It may feel funny at first, but there’s always a way to show off without losing your integrity. For some it may mean they’ll write a blog post, for others it means they organize an internal knowledge sharing meetup. Or maybe it’s sitting down with an Account Director to make him or her see the value of your work. Find a way that feels natural to you.

3: Set clear goals that you believe in

Setting clear goals may seem quite an obvious piece of advice, but quite often goals are vague. For example, you might say you want to be the best in your field of expertise. That’s awesome, but doesn’t mean anything yet. Because what does being the best mean? What needs to happen to make you feel that you are the best? What is holding you back from being the best right now? Ask yourself very specific questions, and answer them honestly. There are many layers to every answer. Get to the bottom of those. Only if you really investigate your goals, you can commit to them. At Emakina, we help you make your goals measurable and to track the progress. You will have regular talks with your manager, goal setting meetings, feedback of your colleagues (both face-to-face and through feedback software) and much more. And of course, when you’ve accomplished one of your goals: celebrate!

Taking ownership of your career

4: Take the lead in personal development

In Dutch we have a saying: “children who ask, get skipped”. It’s a way to teach our children to be polite. However, waiting rarely gets you results. To take ownership of your career, you need to take action. At Emakina, we believe that you are responsible for your own career and we are there to support. So don’t be afraid to set up that meeting with your manager or HR to talk about personal development. In the end, the only person that knows what you need, is you.

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