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Office workout – leave your desk for bootcamp!

Fitness is no quick fix. Never believe anyone that promises you a ‘summer body in only 1 month’ with the ‘Ultimate Detox Tea’. With our Bootcamp at work we are serious about health: we work on our body all year long!

Why Bootcamp?

Our Bootcamp is a good way to train all together, especially if you find the gym environment a bit intimidating. Or if you are simply too busy to attend other workout classes. Here at the Emakina office you can train right after your workday, sweat the stress away and become stronger, no matter what fitness level you have. And don’t worry about training in front of your boss or Project Manager: at Bootcamp everyone sweats the same. We leave our roles in the changing room.

bootcamp at work

What are the benefits?

So why are we having Bootcamp sessions at our office? Because at Emakina we believe that you can only rock your job if you have a strong and healthy body and mind. Bootcamp helps with exactly that. These are some of the benefits:

  1. Work on your body and your mind
  2. Have fun with your colleagues
  3. Share your muscle pain (and gain!)stories in our #bootcampers chat. Like how Project Manager Annemieke’s limbs are talking to her: “My arms just told me they can’t do it anymore. Did you also hear them?”
  4. Get stronger

Bootcamp is good workout and also a great way to get to know colleagues a bit better. Especially if you aren’t working on projects together.

bootcamp at work

The instructor

The Bootcamp instructor? That’s me! I’m Alice Cagno and believe me when I say I will make you sweat (or work?). I am a firm believer that there is always one more sit-up or burpee you can do! Although some colleagues may regret that the day after… Like Project Manager Tessa experienced: “In hindsight I feel that doing 70 jump squats was not such a great idea just before my ski trip”.

Don’t worry if your knees are weak or you have had an injury in the past. I always check in with new joiners before the workout so that I can suggest exercises variations. In our office gym, we have fitness equipment and several weights to work with so that we can adjust each exercise to your needs. We also use the 4th floor to do our exercises, and if the weather allows it, we go to the nearby Westerpark.

Join our office bootcamp!

If you think it might be too hard, just try, I will keep an eye on you and suggest easier exercises. And if instead you think it could be too easy… I dare you: JUST TRY ;). Business Analyst Thibault did:

Thanks Alice! Today I am discovering some butt muscles I never knew existed!

bootcamp at work

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