Why we think chair massages at the office are important

Every week our lovely office managers send out the most wanted email message at our office: the it-is-time-to-book-your-massage-mail. The replies fly in faster than the speed of light. Pick me! Pick me!

Me-time at the office

At our Amsterdam office, all of us have the opportunity to get some well-deserved me-time. A twenty minute chair massage at a very, very reduced rate is definitely one of our office perks. Two days a week a certified masseuse comes into our office for some much appreciated kneading, stroking and rubbing.

We’ve been having corporate chair massages for years, because we believe it benefits our colleagues immensely. Work can be hectic and even stressful sometimes, especially just before a pitch, demo day or a big launch. It’s important that we are energised and healthy to be able to deal with those moments. The idea is to take care of our bodies and minds in an easy manner, while not even leaving the office.

Health benefits

Let’s face it, sitting at your desk all day, hunching over your screen isn’t exactly the best thing you can do for your body. It can result in serious neck and back pain or shoulder, arm and wrist pain. With a chair massage, there’s a release of tension in the upper body. It also reduces tension headaches, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and much more.

Calm the mind

Also, massages have a tremendous impact on the mind. They soothe the nerves, even in only twenty minutes. Just think of what stress reduction and anxiety decrease does for a person, and with that, the entire work floor. It creates so much more happiness and energy all over the office. It’s infectious in good way.  

What’s in it for Emakina?

From an employer’s perspective, we think of the chair massages as a good way to boost office morale. Of course it improves workplace productivity and definitely helps to reduce the number of sick days. But most of all, it adds to our culture. As an employer we invest in the health of our people. If we have a chance to have the slightest impact on people’s wellbeing, we’ll do it. And to be fair, it’s a nice perk to brag about to friends and family.

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