Life at Emakina: Through the eyes of a trainee

“Would you like to develop & specialise yourself in one of the most-sought after job-disciplines of this year (and coming years) worldwide?” was the question that drew me to read more about the talent sourcing traineeship that Emakina posted on LinkedIn back in February 2022.

As I was finishing up my thesis for my master’s degree, I had a general idea of what I wanted my career to look like and yet no specific direction that I wanted to take. Therefore, the traineeship looked intriguing enough for me to apply. As I am still early in my career, two months of my life trying out something new did not sound like a bad idea. Fast forward to two months after, I am very happy that I made the decision as I found myself to really like talent acquisition for a company that I truly enjoy working for.  

Looking back, the last two months flew by so fast that there is no humanly possible way for me to go into every single detail. However, I remember very vividly how everyone in the office made me feel welcome during the onboarding day and beyond. On our first day, I and the other new Emakinian’s must’ve looked so timid while walking around that the colleague in charge of onboarding said to all of us, “don’t be shy, this is your office now!” That moment gave me an immediate sense of belonging and served as a foreshadow for what was to come in the next two months. Whether through socializing and doing karaoke with colleagues from different parts of the world on Thursdays at the office, lunches on our 4th floor cafeteria, or through the King’s Night party we had during my traineeship, Emakina always made sure that I had the resources to make the most of my time as a trainee.  

During the traineeship, a typical week consisted of 1-3 training sessions presented by various members of the People team to me and the other 3 trainees. The topics ranged from all things related to talent acquisition such as recognising our own biases, interview trainings, using data in talent acquisition and how to best communicate with candidates to improve their candidate journeys. In addition, we had weekly tasks that led us to our final presentation in which we had to come up with a sourcing plan and a talent pipeline for a role that we currently have open.  

So, what’s next?  I recently joined Emakina full time as a Talent Sourcing Specialist and am always on the lookout for new faces to join our company in The Netherlands. Interested in joining me? Check out our vacancies by clicking here and feel free to email me at if you have any questions 😉

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