Fine-tuning our skills for better job interviews

In order to hire the best people, we need to conduct the best job interviews. For many of our colleagues, conducting job interviews is not their daily task. That’s why we organise a workshop on interviewing techniques every now and then.

Meet peers in the application process

When you apply for a job at Emakina, you can expect multiple interviews in the application process. You’re most likely going to meet a recruiter, your future manager and also some of your future peers during the process. We believe that having the opportunity to talk to your future peers adds to your overall understanding of the job and our digital agency. After all, our current colleagues are the best people to tell you all about the atmosphere and culture at our office. And also, it helps us make sure that we recruit the best talent out there.

Interviewing techniques

Experienced developers, web analysts (or any other role for that matter) at Emakina, may be asked to join job interviews. We really want our colleagues to have a say in who’s the perfect fit for the job. They are our experts!

As not everyone is used to conducting interviews, asking the right questions can be challenging. Practise makes perfect, so we host workshops focused on interviewing techniques. One of our favourite techniques is the STAR method. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. It’s a way of gaining insight into specific capabilities of a candidate.

The STAR method

Let’s look into STAR a little bit. It’s a way of asking questions in a certain format. The aim is to better understand someone’s behaviour by letting them give a real life example. This is the setup:

  • Situation: set the scene
  • Task: describe the purpose
  • Action: explain what you did
  • Result: share the outcome

For every element in the STAR method, there are different types of questions available to the interviewer. In the interview workshop, we practise those questions by discussing them and also by doing role play.

Job Interview Workshop

So if you are coming in for a job interview, you can definitely expect questions about situations you were in and how you handled them. Now you have the inside scoop to prepare for your interview. And who knows, you may be conducting a few for us in the future too.

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