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Emakina into the wild for Staatsbosbeheer

13 motivated colleagues volunteered to exchange their desks for a day to help Staatsbosbeheer manage nature heritage in The Netherlands. Equipped with rakes, forks, and carriers, we worked the peat meadows in the Dutch Zaanstreek. 

Protecting Dutch nature

Waterproof clothes and rain boots were no unnecessary luxury when we set off to help Jamie and Inga, the dedicated foresters working in the peat meadows. Their job is to protect this piece of Dutch nature on behalf of Staatsbosbeheer. The goal of our day’s work was to create an open and clear area for meadow birds, so that they can focus on breeding. By doing so, the field also becomes and remains low in nutrients. This allows for rare plants to grow here. 

Raking reeds and hay

Jamie and Inga had a pretty heavy task for us in mind: raking reeds and hay and clearing up the area. This can only be done with manpower, because the ground is too soggy to carry heavy machines. So on a typical Dutch rainy day, we hopped on a boat to help preserve nature. Coffee and tea kept us warm while the foresters told us everything they knew about the area.  

Heavy work, great teamwork 

Our initial chills disappeared quickly when we started raking and clearing the reed. This was some tough labour! Muscle pains were guaranteed. The satisfactory feeling when we left the empty area was definitely worth it though. Add to that the chance to walk on water, and we had ourselves the perfect nature day with Staatsbosbeheer!  

Emakina’s 1% Pledge

The nature day is part of our 1% Pledge: it’s our contribution to the global Pledge 1% movement to give 1% of our profit and employee time to good causes. Nature day is just one example. We’re also supporting Mamazoeloe, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Fiets naar je Werk Dag and other initiatives. 

Everyone working at Emakina has the opportunity to take part in our Pledge 1% activities. So apply today if you want to participate in our next activity!

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