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You’ve just stumbled upon the first of many articles about what it’s like working at Emakina. Here we share the love for our company, our work and our colleagues. Why? First and foremost because we want you to get excited about maybe working here too. And second, because we are a proud bunch of people.

This is what we do

So let’s first introduce ourselves. Hi! We are Emakina, we’re a digital agency. We’re part of the Emakina Group, which means we have 15 offices in 9 European countries. You can find us in beautiful cities like Paris, Brussels, Zurich, and of course Amsterdam. Every day we deliver websites, e-commerce platforms, integrations, implementations, applications, designs, campaigns: basically everything that has to do with digital transformation. We’re a full-service digital agency.

To us, digital transformation means that the way we interact as people and brands has changed dramatically. And will continue to do so. That’s the change that continues to challenge and drive us. It makes us want to discover and reinvent the (digital) world more and more. Which is why, at Emakina, we design, execute and evaluate user experiences on a daily basis.

We’re in it for the people

Now that’s all great news for our clients, but what about our colleagues? It basically means the exact same thing: just replace the word ‘user’ with ‘employee’. A great place to work takes it core business just as serious as its most valuable assets (even though it’s a bit weird to talk about people as assets). We want our colleagues to have a healthy work-life balance, to feel happy, challenged, and on top of their game. That doesn’t happen automagically. It takes hard work and commitment. And guess what? We’re all in it together: from the coffee lady to the CFO and from the Tech Lead to the recruiter. People first, because we care.

We won’t make empty promises about writing articles every week, because we all know life gets in the way every now and then. But we do promise to share our story whenever we feel excited about what we do, how we do it or when we just really care about something that’s going on at our offices. And if there’s something you’re curious about, just ask!

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