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3 months, 3 reasons to love my job at Emakina

What is it that makes someone love their job? I found my answer to this question after starting at Emakina, and I’d love to share my insights with you!

When I was young, I did not dream to work in technology. There wasn’t even internet where I grew up. I did dream, however, to have a fulfilling job that would make me feel challenged and excited. I dreamed of spending the day with inspiring people and developing (no pun intended) nice ideas. How ambitious was that?

Living the dream job

There are many dreams yet to fulfil, but my dream job is a reality now. I started working as a Business Analyst at Emakina three months ago, and the experience does check all the boxes of my childhood plan. I feel excited about coming to the office every day. And I can tell you that is, so I have learned, due to three imperative pillars of my work life at Emakina: the work itself, the company, and the colleagues.

Business Analyst Lucas Lôbo playing pool at Emakina

Everyday is different (cliche, but true)

While looking for a job, most of us are concerned about the work itself. What does it entail? Am I qualified enough? What are the next steps I can take to acquire more experience in this field? Yes, all that matters (more on that later), and that’s why I am confident that working as a Business Analyst at Emakina is the right choice for me. The key is how different every day is. I am lucky enough (or am I?) to work in various projects at the same time. That means I am in touch with different stakeholders, with different needs, approaches and agendas. One morning I might be discussing the redesign of a fashion webshop and in the afternoon I could be specifying the need for a new onsite search logic. There is never boredom here. I am always learning something new from someone.

Agency life: what it’s like

Speaking of boredom, Emakina as a company enables me to do my work while having fun. I start my day with a not so healthy routine – always a shot of coffee and a can of cola-zero. My weeks end (too often, some would say) in our top floor, with drinks and food and unspeakable stories. That is only possible because at Emakina there is trust, and the belief that if the employee is treated with respect and given the space to have fun, such employee will actually perform better and do the job with more gusto. At Emakina, candor and confidence are crucial. My manager tells me about the times she failed to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin. How ego-free is that? She takes action when required, she listens when I just need her to listen. She is always there. Particularly for the karaoke! 🙂

Lucas getting coffee with colleagues at Emakina

What holds everything together

And it is my manager and many other people who maks up what matters the most in my Emakina life: the colleagues. I have loving, collaborative colleagues, who are as committed to the work as they are committed to having fun while doing it. I talked about how concerned we are about the work itself, but you can do the most interesting work, in a company with great management, but that won’t will matter if your colleagues don’t inspire you. From the Tech Leads to Project Managers to Designers, everyone is giving their best. We share personal passions, professional interests and good laughs. I know I can count on them, and it is that feeling, that we are on this together (at work AND at parties), which is the most gratifying part of my enjoyable experience at Emakina.

Little time, big lessons

Now, your job is where you’ll most likely spend one third of your life. Make sure it is exciting, and enjoyable, and that you surround yourself with exciting, hard-working people. At the end of the day, there is no money that pays the feeling of getting home tired but energised. The feeling of waking up, maybe wishing you had some more time in bed, but getting on your bike and thinking “another 8 (or 9, or 10) hours of hard work? Let’s do this! Because it’s FUN”. You too can do this. Take a look at our vacancies and maybe you, like myself, will also find your dream job.

See you next time.

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