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Your first month at Emakina – what to expect

Starting a new job is really exciting and comes with a lot of questions. Will the colleagues be nice? What projects will I work on? Where is the coffee machine? Do I bring my own lunch? We asked a few of our newcomers what stood out for them in their first month here.  

Introduction period

It’s extremely important to us that new colleagues have a smooth introduction period. When you start your job here, you might feel a little anxious about the first steps in your new environment. Don’t worry though, at Emakina we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure that you’ll soon be a fully functioning member of the team.   

Your first days and months at Emakina

Of course we have made arrangements for you to fully immerse yourself into you new work environment. To Business Analyst Alfredo’s surprise, we even sent out an email to everyone at the office before your first day with a basic introduction. “It made the introductions easier for me, and for my colleagues to get to know me a bit in advance,” he says. 

On your first day you will be welcomed by one of us and we’ll give you an office tour. You’ll be getting your equipment, meeting your team and all of those typical first day activities. Alfredo: “It is a bizarre, yet heartwarming feeling to go to everyone’s desk on the first day. It made me feel welcome and it’s encouraging that Emakina cares newcomers and understands all we go through during the first days.”

Emakina new colleagues first month
Alfredo and Ayelen (both in the back) with their group of new Emakina colleagues

Making new connections

Although we of course got to know each other during the application process, we’re now both in it for real. So in your first week some in-depth introductions are in order. You’ll be meeting with your manager for sure and we advise you to plan a few coffee dates with your team members to get to know them. In the upcoming months you’ll be meeting many more of your colleagues from all areas of expertise. We think it’s very valuable to make connections up, down and across. All of this is organised as part of your introduction period. 

Getting acclimated to the new environment

You have the time to get acquainted with your new job and your colleagues. Based on your individual needs, you’ll receive training on specific subjects. Business Analyst and Project Manager Ayelen is really happy with the time and space she got to learn all about Emakina, but also about platforms such as Salesforce. Ayelen felt really welcome here. “Everyone is so nice and tries to help you,” she says. She is still getting used to the Dutch office culture though. “In Argentina, there’s a lot of talking to each other the whole day. Here people are more focused on their job during the work hours and they save the social aspect for later.”  

Annabel, UX Designer, was mainly surprised by the huge contrast between her former office and the Emakina office. “I used to work in a very corporate company: men wearing suits, board rooms, clean desk policy… you name it. And then you have Emakina: VR, pool table, inflatables, people wearing no shoes and the design department is one big explosion of sticky notes, canvasses, books, magazines, plants, party decorations and more sticky notes.” 

Emakina new colleagues
Annabel (standing in the back) with her new colleagues

And there’s more than that. We have an amazing 4th floor with a very good coffee machine, a refrigerator with an endless supply of cola zero, a cocktail machine, yoga classes, a whole bunch of international colleagues and much, much more that you just have to come discover yourself.

So if you haven’t done so yet… apply to one of our vacancies today

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