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Covid-19 + Emakina.NL Recruitment FAQ

The past few months, a lot has happened in the Netherlands (and the rest of the world) because of the Covid-19 virus. At Emakina.NL we are also experiencing these changes. Of course, these changes impact our recruitment processes as well. Hopefully, this page will be a guide to some of your questions on this topic! We will keep it as up-to-date as possible.

1. What is the current situation with regards to Covid-19 at Emakina.NL?

At Emakina.NL  we are following the guidelines from the RIVM and World Health Organisation. We are all working from home and are self-isolating. This means that all our meetings (including interviews) are remote and via video-conferencing. It is still unclear when we will be back in the office.

2. I saw a job that suits me, how do I apply?

The usual way! In all of our vacancies you will find an “Apply Directly” button which will take you to an application form, fill it in, upload your resume, add a possible cover letter and submit! One of our recruiters will get back to you.

3. When will you get back to me after my application?

In principle, not much has changed. However, because we want to take the best care possible of our employees, our recruitment team has taken on some more HR related responsibilities. Because of that, it might take them a bit longer to reply to your application. But don’t worry, we will definitely get back to you!

4. What is the effect on the application and recruitment process?

Our company has evolved and everyone has adjusted, this means that we help each other where we can and it also means that we all have taken on some different or additional tasks. Because of that, the whole process might take more time. Our recruiters will keep you updated on that as much as they can. And, of course, the whole recruitment process will be done virtually, so your business case and all interviews are via Zoom.

5. I don’t live in the Netherlands and would have to relocate, can I still apply?

With the current situation, we offer relocation assistance for the following roles: Tech Lead, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant and Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant. However, the borders are closed at the moment, so this means the process will take longer and your possible start-date depends on the situation by then.

6. I have another question related to Covid-19, what can I do?

Easiest is to email your question to jobs@emakina.nl, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible! Please do not use this email for open applications, we have a page for that!

Check out our current vacancies and hopefully we will give you a call soon!

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