Empowering colleagues in the office

Empowering colleagues to handle tricky situations

We’ve all been there: a tricky business situation in which you weren’t quite sure what to say and what to do to make it all better. Or to make it go away even. Sticking our heads in the sand is not what we do at Emakina, so we are empowering our colleagues to be able to handle challenging situations with confidence. How? Let’s find out.

Masterclass Effective Influencing

On a day to day basis, we work with people. Let that be clients, business partners or colleagues. And when there’s people involved, there’s different perspectives, communication styles, agendas and priorities involved. To ensure differences are handled professionally, and to be able to influence the way these work situations play out, colleagues from Emakina can participate in an Effective Influencing Masterclass. Why? Because we believe that the better we can handle challenging situations as a digital agency, the more likely we are to thrive and enjoy our work. That’s good for us, and good for our clients!

Improved relationship, bigger impact

A Masterclass on Effective Influencing isn’t about getting people to do what you want them to do. It’s about feeling confident in tricky situations and understanding different perspectives. Project Manager Jamila Ross thought that was a very useful insight: “Every person or client has a unique character and requires a different approach. During the Masterclass I learned how to adjust my communication style to better match the receiver’s preference, instead of projecting how I would like to be approached.” By doing so, we’re building stronger working relationships and are able to make a bigger impact.

Exploring our own actions

One of the key takeaways is that it’s not the other person’s behaviour that you can change, it’s your own. A difficult situation always takes two to tango. So during the Masterclass, we investigate how we got into certain situations, what our own contribution to it was and we explore different ways to handle the situation. As we work in small groups, everyone gets a chance to tackle their own challenges.

Tech Lead Adrian Moreno immediately puts the skills he learned in the Masterclass into practise. “In our daily work we need to explain options, their consequences and their tradeoffs. Convincing people of a certain option (without pushing them or cornering them) requires good negotiation and conversational skills,” he says. “Being able to explain things in a more influential and structured way, is a very useful soft skill, especially when there are multiple stakeholders in a decision making process.”

Adrian continues: “Soft skills are usually overlooked in technological studies. While in our projects, we actually spend quite some time collaborating with stakeholders. It’s good that we spend time working on these soft skills here and now at Emakina.”

Support on a daily basis

What we love most about the small group size of the Masterclass, is that it creates a very supportive atmosphere. Our very own colleagues provide so much insight, different perspectives and other approaches. Not only during the Masterclass, but also during our day-to-day work. It’s much easier to try, share and learn when you know your colleagues are here to help and have got your back. That definitely gives us confidence in our ability to handle challenging situations.

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