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Grow as we go – developing a growth mindset

At Emakina, we invite you to grow. That’s not just a hollow phrase we use to lure new colleagues in. We really do help you to make it happen. That all starts with a growth mindset. A what you say? Let’s talk you through it. 

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is basically the belief that you can achieve anything you want if you put in dedication and hard work. You’ve got the brains and talent, and understand that that’s just the starting point. By learning and improving, you will get better each and every day. That belief is the growth mindset. It means you embrace challenges, stretch your abilities and find the positive in failure. 

How to develop a growth mindset

It sounds so logical and easy, but it isn’t. Most of us easily fall into a ‘fixed mindset’: one in which we doubt ourselves, are afraid to fail and get put down by setbacks. A fixed mindset assumes that we are static, that we can’t change our character, creativity or intelligence for example. That’s not how we like to approach things at Emakina. We truly believe in a growth mindset and that we are all able to develop one. Check out this video for a nice introduction on developing a growth mindset: 

Get ready to grow!

A growth mindset is always present, in everything you do. Developing one, and keeping it up, can be hard work. Digital Marketing Consultant Bart Meertens summarises it pretty nicely: “There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!” So it’s good to every now and then take a moment to reflect, learn and plan for the future. That’s why we think the growth mindset is key to everyone’s personal development

As part of the performance management cycle, all our colleagues set new goals at the beginning of each year. To support that, we organise several workshops on goal setting for growth. The workshops focus on the concept of a growth mindset, and offer a more practical side to setting personal and professional goals as well.

Recruiter Nouha Amrani participated in one of the workshops, and says: “ I learned that you can positively influence your mindset through a couple of tools such as replacing ‘I am failing’ by ‘I am learning’, by focusing on the process instead of the end result, by getting joy out of the process, by celebrating successes and never giving up!”  

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