Cycling for CooP

Cycling to work for CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty)

Lots of our colleagues cycle to work, as proper Dutch people do. So when we heard we could raise money for CooP-Africa just by cycling to work, we were definitely in.

What is CooP-Africa?

CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty) annually organises Fiets naar je Werk Dag, the Cycle to Work Day. It’s a fundraiser to provide bicycles to school kids, healthcare volunteers, farmers and small business owners in Kenia and Uganda. These bicycles make several basic needs and services like education, healthcare and jobs, more accessible to them. Literally. CooP-Africa wants to help African families by providing them with bicycles and other mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and bicycle ambulances. They also help out local bicycle shops by training them on how to fix bicycles for example.

Cycling many, many kilometers

Fiets naar je Werk Dag took place on May 23rd of 2019. Many of our colleagues signed up to cycle to our office in Amsterdam that day. For each kilometer we cycled, Emakina made a donation to CooP-Africa. It was pretty awesome to see it wasn’t just the people who lived nearby took on the challenge. Even our colleagues from Hilversum and Leiden came to work by bike. Someone even cycled 90 kilometers (return trip)!

The end result

All 21.650 participants in The Netherlands together cycled enough kilometres to buy 96 brand new bikes for people in Kenia and Uganda. The next Fiets naar je Werk Dag is on May 14th 2020.

Emakina’s 1% Pledge

Emakina participated in Fiets naar je Werk Dag as part of the 1% Pledge we took. In 2019 we officially pledged to give 1 percent of our time and profit, our assets and support our colleagues to help others. By supporting CooP-Africa, we put our pledge into action.

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