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Close up of Marlous Helderman | Jobs at Emakina

At our digital agency, we make sure that we take care of our people. Not only by giving them a good cup of coffee and a nice lunch, but also by taking their personal development seriously for example. That’s not an easy task, but Marlous Helderman took on the challenge anyway. We spoke to her about growth and personal development.

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Influencing Skills Masterclass | Jobs at Emakina

We’ve all been there: a tricky business situation in which you weren’t quite sure what to say and what to do to make it all better. Or to make it go away even. Sticking our heads in the sand is not what we do at Emakina, so we empower our colleagues to be able to handle challenging situations with confidence. How? Let’s find out.

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bootcamp weights

Fitness is no quick fix. Never believe who promises you a ‘summer body in only 1 month’ with the ‘Ultimate Detox Tea’. At the Emakina Bootcamp we are serious about health: we work on our body all year long!

Take ownership

Taking ownership of your career means that you are the one who’s in charge of your career plans, making them happen and adjusting them along the way. At Emakina we give you the opportunity to grow. We want you to learn and encourage you to own your career. So how do you do that? Get some practical tips from our HR and recruitment colleagues.

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Dutch Office Life

Storming off to lunch at 12 pm sharp, running from meeting to meeting and direct communication are part of Dutch working culture. Hey, we just like to be efficient! But what comes natural to the Dutchies, may surprise the non-Dutch colleagues. Here’s a few things that bazzle our international colleagues.

presentation skills microphone

Clammy hands, pit stains and cold feet. Just a few side effects of having to speak in public. No need to call the doctor, at Emakina we help our colleagues up their game with a Presentation Masterclass.

Past tense, future tense, and of course the kofschip and the pronunciation of our famous g-sound. Learning Dutch is quite a challenge. One we take on as a team.

Account Director Emakina

Problem solving is in his blood, and entrepreneurship runs through his veins: Joost van Wetten is a born Strategic Account Director. We met up with him to discover what makes him tick, what his most important career lesson has been and much more.

If you want to perform at work, you not only need heaps of knowledge and experience; you need to have a healthy body and mind. Our mission: become office warriors through yoga.

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If you are interviewing for the positions of a Project Manager or a Business Analyst, chances are we will invite you for an on-site business case. Let’s get you prepared.