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business analysis

Liesbeth de Ruiter is a Business Analyst on one of our multi-client teams. As these are fairly new teams, we’re curious to hear all the inside scoop. What’s it like? Is it any different from working in a regular project team? Let’s find out! Hi Liesbeth! You’re working in the multi-client team. What is that […]

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sinterklaas header

Look who’s knocking on our door: it’s Sinterklaas! And this year he spoils our colleagues’ children as well as kids in Amsterdam whose families are experiencing less fortunate financial times.  Sinterklaas: a Dutch tradition Sinterklaas and the festivities around this remarkable person are a typical Dutch tradition. Every year Sinterklaas arrives in The Netherlands somewhere […]

expat stories header

Moving countries for a new job, maybe even taking your family with you, is a big decision to make. We get that. So we asked some of our international colleagues what their experience was like.  Expats welcome! We love the international environment at our office. It’s vibrant. It’s inclusive. It’s amazing. So we definitely invite […]

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Emakina Staatsbosbeheer header

13 motivated colleagues volunteered to exchange their desks for a day to help Staatsbosbeheer manage nature heritage in The Netherlands. Equipped with rakes, forks, and carriers, we worked the peat meadows in the Dutch Zaanstreek.  Protecting Dutch nature Waterproof clothes and rain boots were no unnecessary luxury when we set off to help Jamie and […]

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Feedback culture header

Feedback. Sometimes it’s dreaded, even feared. But it shouldn’t be like that! At Emakina, we’re working hard to build a strong feedback culture. We think of feedback as a sign of caring about each other, and it helps us grow together as well as individually.  The basis of a strong feedback culture is honest feedback […]

First month Emakina

Starting a new job is really exciting and comes with a lot of questions. Will the colleagues be nice? What projects will I work on? Where is the coffee machine? Do I bring my own lunch? We asked a few of our newcomers what stood out for them in their first month here.   Introduction period […]

tech lead application process - header (2)

Great! You are considering, or maybe you are already in the running for, a Tech Lead position at Emakina. You’re probably curious what to expect and what the process looks like. You’ve come to the right place.

Kids boots parental leave - header

Many of our Emakina colleagues are mums and dads and love spending time with their family. In 2019, we’ve celebrated 8 newborns (and counting!) at Emakina. As regulation on parental, maternity and partner leave differs per country, we thought it would be a good idea to explain a bit more about how it works in […]

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Emakina staircase - header

When joining the Dutch Emakina team from another country, you might be eligible for a tax exemption. Quite a nice one actually: 30% of your salary could be paid tax-free! Learn what the 30% ruling is, how it works and more.  If you are considering a job at Emakina in The Netherlands, the 30% ruling […]

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Working in Amsterdam - header

Amsterdam ranks 11th on the Quality of Living Ranking. Out of 231 cities, that’s quite an impressive number. But what does it mean in reality?