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Great! You are considering, or maybe you are already in the running for, a Tech Lead position at Emakina. You’re probably curious what to expect and what the process looks like. You’ve come to the right place.

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Many of our Emakina colleagues are mums and dads and love spending time with their family. In 2019, we’ve celebrated 8 newborns (and counting!) at Emakina. As regulation on parental, maternity and partner leave differs per country, we thought it would be a good idea to explain a bit more about how it works in […]

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When joining the Dutch Emakina team from another country, you might be eligible for a tax exemption. Quite a nice one actually: 30% of your salary could be paid tax-free! Learn what the 30% ruling is, how it works and more.  If you are considering a job at Emakina in The Netherlands, the 30% ruling […]

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Amsterdam ranks 11th on the Quality of Living Ranking. Out of 231 cities, that’s quite an impressive number. But what does it mean in reality?

Business Analyst Dana

Communication is at the heart of her role, says Business Analyst Dana Vorobiova. Find out why, and learn in which languages she can write user stories.

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Meeting room at Emakina

One of the most important things to bring to a job interview? Self-awareness. It’s essential to finding a job that suits you. Let me tell you why.

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To put flesh on the bones of our 1% pledge, Emakina is helping MamaZoeloe to improve their website. MamaZoeloe offers support to unprivileged people in Tanzania. An amazing initiative which we love to help with our expertise. 

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What if… Alexa could fix you a cocktail? That’s the kind of question we love to answer during our hackathons. Our answer is ALFReD, short for Automated Liquid Fun Refreshments Dispenser. 

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Emakina skydive 2019, jump out of plane

At Emakina, we love to expand our horizons. We’re always curious about new things. Not only in our field of work, but also in our daily lives. Well, daily… Jumping out of airplanes isn’t exactly an ordinary activity for most of us. 

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Tech Lead Alon Rotem relocated to The Netherlands to come work at Emakina. That’s a life decision with quite some impact. We were curious to learn about his experience, so of course we had a chat about all the details of his relocation to The Netherlands.

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