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Hackathon Alexa header

What if… Alexa could fix you a cocktail? That’s the kind of question we love to answer during our hackathons. Our answer is ALFReD, short for Automated Liquid Fun Refreshments Dispenser. 

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Emakina skydive 2019, jump out of plane

At Emakina, we love to expand our horizons. We’re always curious about new things. Not only in our field of work, but also in our daily lives. Well, daily… Jumping out of airplanes isn’t exactly an ordinary activity for most of us. 

Relocation The Netherlands | jobs at Emakina

Tech Lead Alon Rotem relocated to The Netherlands to come work at Emakina. That’s a life decision with quite some impact. We were curious to learn about his experience, so of course we had a chat about all the details of his relocation to The Netherlands.

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Emakina Beach Party 2019 | Beach Cleanupåç

Every year Emakina hosts a beach party: an afternoon and evening full of fun at the beach with all our colleagues. In 2019 the weather gods were kind to us. So we were lucky to soak up the sun while cleaning up the beach, attempting to paddle board and challenging colleagues in dance-offs.

Cycling for CooP

Lots of our colleagues cycle to work, as proper Dutch people do. So when we heard we could raise money for CooP-Africa just by cycling to work, we were definitely in. 

Lucas Lobo Vrijmibo

What is it that makes someone love their job? I found my answer to this question after starting at Emakina, and I’d love to share my insights with you!

In order to hire the best people, we need to conduct the best job interviews. For many of our colleagues, conducting job interviews is not their daily task. That’s why we organise a workshop on interviewing techniques every now and then.

Gijs Vlaander talks about sales

Meet Gijs Vlaander, our Head of Sales & Accounts. He finds challenge and inspiration in people with different perspectives, and in digging deep to find the true e-commerce challenge. Time to talk to Gijs. 

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Close up of Marlous Helderman | Jobs at Emakina

At our digital agency, we make sure that we take care of our people. Not only by giving them a good cup of coffee and a nice lunch, but also by taking their personal development seriously for example. That’s not an easy task, but Marlous Helderman took on the challenge anyway. We spoke to her about growth and personal development.

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Empowering colleagues in the office

We’ve all been there: a tricky business situation in which you weren’t quite sure what to say and what to do to make it all better. Or to make it go away even. Sticking our heads in the sand is not what we do at Emakina, so we empower our colleagues to be able to handle challenging situations with confidence. How? Let’s find out.

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