Martijn about HEMA

The HEMA case from a PM perspective

“We are working on HEMA with a team of 10 people full-time” says Martijn Hazelaar, project manager at Emakina NL and responsible for the HEMA account. “It didn’t take long for HEMA to move to a DevOps approach so our development team has the essential access to the AP-environments. It was a first for HEMA to work with just one partner for development, release and infrastructure. From one release, delivered through Flash drive once every six months, we helped them switch to Scrum. We release after each sprint ever since – every two weeks that is. Improvements and new features are available much sooner now. This improved operational efficiency significantly and has led to higher quality throughout, as HEMA claims as well.

Collaboration is excellent; we are truly an extension of the HEMA team

Off to a flying start
“From several parties, we took over all existing online e-commerce infrastructure and were responsible for the technical implementation of the complete re-design of HEMA. After some announcements from CEO Tjeerd Jegen in the media, the project was under time pressure with the deadline to deliver in June 2016. Next to that, we knew that the success of this project was vital for HEMA too.” Despite the very strict deadline, Martijn tells us the team managed to deliver: “HEMA joined us in the daily Scrum process and help a lot with prioritising issues or coming up with alternative solutions for problems we encountered. Together we were able to deliver as promised.”

Responsibility is equally distributed across all team members; everyone can make decisions.

Working together in scrum
“HEMA remains very involved in the process. Every morning they call in for stand up, they participate in all retrospectives and they are not afraid to criticize. And this works both ways as we have become an extension of their team”, Martijn explains. “All our developers have a direct line with the product owners at HEMA and can take full responsibility of their tasks. For developers, this freedom and ability to take ownership is great. Not only does it make for a unified self-managing team that works towards a shared goal – the online success of HEMA – it also makes for a very motivated team that continuously surpasses HEMA’s and also our own expectations. With the sprint demo at HEMA every two weeks as a living proof.”
Thanks, Martijn!

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