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Business Analyst Liesbeth spills the T on Emakina’s multi-client team

Liesbeth de Ruiter is a Business Analyst on one of our multi-client teams. As these are fairly new teams, we’re curious to hear all the inside scoop. What’s it like? Is it any different from working in a regular project team? Let’s find out!

Hi Liesbeth! You’re working in the multi-client team. What is that exactly?

The multi-client team is the most awesome team within Emakina 🙂

It is just your regular development team, including Front-end and Back-end Developers, a TechLead, a Business Analyst, a Project Manager and we even have a dedicated Account Manager. The difference with the standard project teams is that we service multiple clients at the same time. Currently there are two multi-client teams taking care of a total of seven clients.

What are the advantages of having a multi-client team? For Emakina, and for the clients.

We started in the summer of 2018 with a clear objective: boost client satisfaction and developer satisfaction.

There were a number of clients within Emakina that did not have a dedicated team working for them. They were being serviced by the service desk: one or two developers working independently on a combination of these projects. Clients wanted more than just maintenance but lacked the budget to sustain a complete team.

At the same time the developers working for these clients wanted to do more than maintenance and when approaching bigger changes they did not have the safe haven of a team giving input and help.

Creating a full-fledged team and splitting the cost of that team between several clients, means we can now do more value adding work for the clients and have developers with a more diverse workload.

What do clients think about this approach?

Clients like being part of the multi-client team, it added structure and they can benefit easily from the knowledge build up in other projects.

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Could you tell a bit more about the peer2peer learning sessions?

One of the perks of being part of the multi-client team, is a quarterly(-ish) Team Meeting. The Product Owners of all the clients come together for an afternoon to discuss a specific topic relevant to all of them. They openly share their challenges and the solutions they have tried. As Emakina, we provide input from several disciplines: UX, Digital Marketing, Tech, Business Analysis. So far we have discussed roadmaps, the checkout flow and search. Sometimes it results in a shared development of functionality, but mostly the Product Owners inspire and help each other to improve their websites.

How is working in a multi-client team as a Business Analyst different from working on a regular project?

There are some specific challenges that come with working with different clients, but overall there isn’t that much of a difference. In general, most Product Owners and websites have similar requirements (not to say that everybody wants the same thing). As a Business Analyst working for multiple clients you have the advantage of being a “Business Analysis team by yourself”, sharing the knowledge of several projects automatically.

What is your biggest challenge in the multi-client team?

The biggest challenge is to manage the inter-project priorities. Normally, the Business Analyst discusses and manages the priorities with the Product Owner. In the multi-client team, it is up to me to determine whether the top priority of client A is more important than the top priority of client B.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned working in this way?

It is a bit of an obvious truth, but working with different clients at the same time, what stands out is that there are a million different ways to increase value on your website, but doing regular A/B and user testing seems to be the most solid predictor of success.

What do you love most about both your job and your team?

I love my team period. They are a bunch of funny, hardworking, interesting people. The writing part of my job is still my favourite: writing user stories, formulating requirements. What I want to do more is use drawing to clarify user stories.

Are you interested in pursuing your career in business analysis at Emakina? Check out our vacancies.

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