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From user stories to Japanese folktales: Dana Vorobiova, Business Analyst

Communication is at the heart of her role, says Business Analyst Dana Vorobiova. Find out why, and learn in which languages she can write user stories. 

Tell us about yourself and your role at Emakina.

Hi, I’m Dana. Now is my third year at Emakina as a Business Analyst – and so far, so good!

After graduating from Moscow State University as a Computer Science specialist, I started my career in web development as a QA. However, quite quickly I felt the need to be able to alter business or technical requirements, and not just test against them. Thus, moving to first a Requirements Analyst, and later to a Product Owner role felt like a perfect fit to me.

Before I joined Emakina I used to always work at the client side: both in Ukraine (where I originally come from) and in The Netherlands. That said, coming to the flip side to work in a digital agency was an experience on its own. My entire career happens to be focused around e-commerce area, which I thoroughly enjoy: knowledge from previous projects ensures a safe-ish sail, while there’s plenty of big fish in these waters! 

Business Analyst Dana at the Amsterdam office

What is the most important part of your job as a Business Analyst?

The Business Analyst role is all about communication. You meet new faces and reconnect with the old. Throughout the day you talk to multiple people, both inside and outside of the company, to make sure everyone is aligned on their journey to the product success. But no worries – BA’s have their peaceful hours for writing down the specs, too!

Together with a client’s Product Owner I’m building a bridge between the technical team and the business. Which means I sometimes have to tell the same story twice. Yet, I translate the message into language that the audience understands, so my listeners don’t tune out. 

What makes your job fun?

The part I personally enjoy the most is working together with the UX and design team. During the creative stage we add a unique twist to various market-proven standards, to shape up a solution everyone can be proud of.

How do you work together with your colleagues?

Of course I’m not alone on this journey. Working closely with the Project Manager and Tech Lead means I can reach out for their expertise and support, and this goes both ways. Our great team spirit makes me feel like there is no such issue we couldn’t tackle! 

Dana and her colleagues at an Emakina office party
Dana and her colleagues at an Emakina office party

How do you work on your personal development, and how does Emakina support you in that?

Working at Emakina means constantly riding the learning curve. There’s always a way to improve your professional skills, and Emakina will grant you every opportunity to do so: new projects are full of challenges, and internal knowledge is carefully shared among the teams. It’s a satisfactory feeling – to look back on where I used to stand, and realise how far I’ve got in just a short period of time. 

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without my lovely colleagues ready to lend a hand. At Emakina you are not limited to your own role responsibilities, so when you feel like doing a bit extra you can share non-core activities with your teammates.

Could you reveal a fun fact about yourself? One not many people know of? 

When I’m not in the office, I’m (most likely) in Japan. I speak some Japanese, admire the country and explore its culture by reading studies and articles in my free time. It’s been my hobby since high school. Flying there regularly.

Business Analyst Dana in Japan

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