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The Dutch 30% ruling for expats explained

When joining the Dutch Emakina team from another country, you might be eligible for a tax exemption. Quite a nice one actually: 30% of your salary could be paid tax-free! Learn what the 30% ruling is, how it works and more. 

If you are considering a job at Emakina in The Netherlands, the 30% ruling (also known as the 30%-facility is a nice bonus in addition to our office perks and the job itself. All the latest details and legislation can be found on the website of the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst). So definitely make sure you’ve got the latest and most up-to-date information. 

What is the 30% ruling for expats?

The 30% ruling for expats is a reimbursement for extra costs that you make because of moving and working in The Netherlands (extraterritorial costs). At Emakina, we can provide you with a tax-free reimbursement of 30% of your salary for five years. It used to be eight years, but the legislation changed as of 2019. You do not have to prove that you made the expenses by the way. Everyone that meets the conditions, can get the 30% ruling. 

The conditions for the 30% ruling

To be eligible for the 30% ruling, you need to meet a few conditions. First of all, you need to be employed by Emakina 😉 . Second, you need to be recruited from another country by us. Another condition is that you need to have lived outside of The Netherlands (further than 150 km from the Dutch border) for more than 16 months in the two years before your first working day at Emakina. There’s several other conditions, you can find those here

How Emakina helps you with the 30%-facility

During your application process, we will let you know whether we think you are eligible for the 30% ruling. We can’t guarantee it though! But we will help you with your application once you’re here. We can’t do it any earlier, because you need a Dutch social security number to apply. So in your first week of work, you make sure you have all the documents and we will deal with the application. “It’s actually quite fast and efficient,” says Tech Lead Alon. “I got my ruling approved within two months.” 

Developer Yasar, born in Turkey but previously living in the Czech Republic, is also quite impressed by the speed of the application. “It was really convenient for me, especially since I was very new in the country. In addition to that, my application was approved within a month. What I hear from others, it might take months to get it approved if you do it yourself.”

If you apply for a job at Emakina, we are happy to help you out with the 30% ruling. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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