Month: August 2019

Meeting room at Emakina

One of the most important things to bring to a job interview? Self-awareness. It’s essential to finding a job that suits you. Let me tell you why.

Willeke Mos MamaZoeloe header

To put flesh on the bones of our 1% pledge, Emakina is helping MamaZoeloe to improve their website. MamaZoeloe offers support to unprivileged people in Tanzania. An amazing initiative which we love to help with our expertise. 

Hackathon Alexa header

What if… Alexa could fix you a cocktail? That’s the kind of question we love to answer during our hackathons. Our answer is ALFReD, short for Automated Liquid Fun Refreshments Dispenser. 

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Emakina skydive 2019, jump out of plane

At Emakina, we love to expand our horizons. We’re always curious about new things. Not only in our field of work, but also in our daily lives. Well, daily… Jumping out of airplanes isn’t exactly an ordinary activity for most of us.